Proof positive

We invited some guests to Taqueria Tsunami in Atlanta to try it out for themselves.

.... and this is what they said:

“I love this concept.”



“I would use this all the time.”



“The most frustrating thing about eating out is waiting to pay my bill. This allows us to pay and leave when we are ready not our waiter.”


“Really enjoyed seeing the technology.”


“I can see multiple uses for this application.”


“This technology has the potential to thoroughly disrupt the restaurant industry in a good way.”


“BirdPay makes it easy simple and inexpensive for restaurants as well as patrons.”


“It is the breakthrough we have been waiting for in pay at the table.”


“The transaction showed up in almost real time on our end.”


“Exceptional thought, platform idea to inception. Kudos.”

We'd like to thank our partners Apple, Epson, TSYS, and AliasWire.  Apple has the motivation to free ApplePay from the slow to innovate POS systems.  Epson has the printers that allow BirdPay to read and write transactions without having to integrate with every POS system.  We'd like to thank TSYS for credit transactions and AliasWire for bank to bank transfers.  Finally, we'd like to thank Alexis and the staff of Taqueria Tsunami in Atlanta for being our home outside the lab for the successful Phase 1 pilot.

I'm interested in BirdPay