Creating value for all parties to the transaction

BirdPay addresses the cumbersome and cost inefficient methods that currently burden merchants and patrons. 

Here's how:

BirdPay is a POS independent method of using cell phones to pay bills. 


We have partnered with Apple on the phone side and Epson to use receipt printers to parse receipts. This allows a patron to tap any surface with an attached 30¢ NFC sticker. 


The technology brings the correct bill to the phone and starts an ApplePay session to pay for the goods / services and tips.   Items can be moved between phones for splitting of bills.  ApplePay Cash (loaded for free) can be used as payment, besides standard ApplePay credit and debit methods.  When the money has moved, the printer is activated to print a receipt that can be entered into the POS as if it was cash.


Thus, this works with any POS and does not require cooperation with the POS or payment pad.


Although there is and ApplePay payment path, all the payment solutions that the phone can offer can be utilized especially P2P. That includes blended payments where a payment is attempted through a cheap, unreliable, and slow method (like ACH) with the ability to use a high fee, reliable, and fast method (ApplePay credit card) if the unreliable fails. 


But, if the cheaper method prevails, the merchant gets a larger portion of the proceeds and can charge the patron less and/or give a loyalty bonus for the next visit.   


BirdPay can also add new methods of payment that the patron is ready to use, like AliPay, all without modifying the POS / payment pad.  It is literally ApplePay (plus all other payment systems) everywhere.

BirdPay removes the server staff from the payment event

1. No POS Integration necessary

2. No hardware

3. No software updates to wait for

4. No updating of the POS by the merchant

BirdPay can suggest up-sell items, wine pairings etc.

BirdPay lets you split the tab - item by item or thumbnails from the split at the POS

Add a tip -  via the Tip Wheel or simple click-a-% option

A simple NFC tag on the table does the trick of identifying the bill(s) to be paid

BirdPay gives tradable loyalty bonuses which expire

There is no collection of the user's card details

The patron gets an electronic receipt

The restaurant sets up a BirdPay payment type as a clone of cash.  The service personnel, when the slip prints, enters it like cash.  The slip has on it the total and how much of the total is tip.  Clean.

The BirdPay app is always the same for every merchant and only one app is needed by the patron. It does not require a huge upfront effort and cost to the merchant.  It does not have high maintenance costs.  The merchant can change their offerings without a ripple effect needing updating of the app.  It can apply to 100% of environments.  It has a simple mechanism (the tap) to complete the process.

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