Thank you for your interest in BirdPay

So far, BirdPay is entirely self-funded by the founders.

We are a team of successful senior executives in the payments, software development, and POS space.

We are presently adding to a list of parties interested in participating in the next chapter of our growth.



1. fixed monthly fee per storefront
2. fee per transaction

3. one-time implementation fee

Where possible, BirdPay will also act as a referral partner to one or more acquirers to gain additional revenue.


1. BirdPay does not need or want to build an entire payment infrastructure. BirdPay will route ACH and Card Transactions to traditional payment processors (early partners in place, technology proven).

2. BirdPay also does not need or want to build a large sales force to reach prospective customers. The sales strategy will leverage resellers, ISOs and ISVs who already sell card processing services into this market. A partner-facing portal will automate the boarding process.

3. Utilizing Epson printer technology which already exists in 90%+ locations in this space


1. We are beyond concept stage; beyond pilot; deployment ready.

2. BirdPay pulls the bill to the phone

3. NO POS integration


There are roughly 350,000 independent (non-chain) table- service restaurants and bars in the US. This market is ripe for a PATT solution like BirdPay, for two reasons:

1. Competitive pressure in the market - BirdPay can displace some credit card transactions, which often cost more than 2% of sales, with ACH, Zelle and Venmo transactions which have much lower costs.

2. Existing technology discomfort - most restaurants still rely on servers taking the card back to a POS workstation to swipe. Meanwhile more and more consumers become accustomed to tapping their card or phone to pay, the traditional restaurant experience will be increasingly out of step with customer expectations.


Use of funds:

1. Continue to build the technology;

2. Grow sales and distribution channels;

3. Create value in market presence.

In exchange, equity and strategic benefits are on the table.

Contact us today for more information. Thank you.

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