Payment freedom is here

No more waiting, no more hassle

"Remember getting out of your first Uber? - that's what it felt like!"

- pilot feedback

What is BirdPay?

Self-pay technology that really works.

Use your phone to pay the bill when you are ready


Just verify, split the bill, leave a tip and go!


BirdPay is universal: it is not tied to a certain POS, and does not need to await updates from POS and payment pad vendors

BirdPay does not require maintenance or input from the restaurant as the menu changes

BirdPay uses the phone's security to guarantee that your payment information is not exchanged

Just scan the tag on the table and pay.

No waiting for staff to get the check.


No integration with the POS system.

Completely secure. Ready today!

Never give up your card to the wait-staff


Completely secure with thumb or face authorization

Integrated with Apple Pay


Successful demonstration of the system in action


Better than anticipated results.

True innovation

The payment systems for goods and services are ready for disruption. 

The four pillars to give way are cost, security, convenience, and stranded assets.

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